Fundraising and Development

Help make the next 50 years at St. Raphael School even better than the first 50!

For 50 years, Saint Raphael School has been a leader in educating the young people of our parish and beyond.  And while their academic education has been second to none, we are most proud of their spiritual learning because that is always the ultimate goal of a Catholic education.  The goal of our school is not only to form individuals who lead self-sufficiet, virtuous lives, but to produce leaders of tomorrow.

As many of you have seen in recent months, some Archdiocesan schools were not prepared for recent fiscal changes and have been forced to closed. The Development Office was established so the people of West Medford and beyond would never have to see their parish school close. Private donations are an essential part of our budget in large part so we can keep the tuition at a level affordable to all families who wish to send their children to Saint Raphael School

The Saint Raphael Development Committee was established in 2002 to ensure the integrity of the school and the religious education of our parish children. The Committee manages the Saint Raphael Religious Education Department Trust, which is exclusively dedicated to fund this endeavor. This Trust is distinct from the parish and archdiocese from a legal and financial point of view and is managed by a number of Trustees, all of whom are involved with the parish and the school.Your gifts to the Development Fund ensure that we can retain our teachers at competitive salaries, provide scholarship funding for disadvantaged families and fund innovative curricular and technological projects.

If you have any questions, would like to make a donation, or would like to visit the school, please call the Saint Raphael School Development Director, Gina McCart at 781-483-3554.

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