Pre-K: In 2016, Pre-K began using the online program Math Shelf.  Math Shelf is a Common-Core aligned resource providing weekly math practice to Pre-K students.  Using iPads, students obtain self-guided practice from instructional videos and games.  To prepare for Kindergarten, Pre-K receives exposure to: fluency of numbers from 0-100, adding and subtracting within 100, and identifying attributes of geometric figures.  This individualized instruction targets learning goals for the specific needs of each student, offers cues and reinforcement to guide in their understanding, and presents strategies and solutions to build higher level thinking skills.    

Elementary: In 2016, Kindergarten through 5th grade implemented Pearson’s enVisionmath2.0.  This Common-Core aligned resource’s approach to problem-based learning provides students with opportunities to think mathematically.  This comprehensive program offers a plethora of daily practice, accompanied by differentiated resources for students.  Students participate in weekly math skill development in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It is crucial for students to solve problems quickly and accurately to prepare for middle school math. With the Standards for Student Mathematical Practice guiding each lesson, students are given the resources needed to approach an array of problems. Along with the student workbooks, enVisionmath2.0’s online software features content, resources, and assessments that can be used in and outside the classroom.

Middle School: In 2015, Middle school students began using Pearson’s Common-Core Middle School Math Course 1, 2, and 3 series.  This rigorous resource prepares students for 9th grade math by connecting math content to real life problems.  The eText and online resources offer an abundance of practice problems to a wide range of learners.  By tying in the Standards for Mathematical Practice, students learn strategies in approaching problem solving.  In addition to the Course 3 math standards, 8th grade delves into Pearson’s Algebra 1 curriculum.  The exposure to freshman level content sets 8th graders up for success as the transition from middle school to high school.  

Source of Standards: MA Common Core Curriculum Framework

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