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Welcome. Fall and Winter Catholic Schools Week Open Houses are upon us.  We invite all to visit, especially those who are looking for a Mission oriented school where the social, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual needs of children are developed.  St. Raphael Parish School surrounds our Early Childhood through Grade 8 students with a vibrant faith community. The dedicated teachers, staff, volunteers, and families partner on behalf of all students to nurture the understanding that they are loved and valued as children of God. St. Raphael is a safe school. This ensures that growth and achievement occur.  At St. Raphael, children develop an appreciation for “The Dignity of All,” and an awareness of their responsibly to act with compassion toward all. The goal is that all in our community function as reflective, life-long learners who thrive in leadership roles in a diverse and ever-changing society.

Our ambitious School-Wide Student Learning Goal, that all students will exhibit growth in reading and math, is being met.  Our teacher and student learning support model produces an amazing rate of growth for our school! 100% of grade level groups of students exhibited growth in the areas of reading and math last year, and we plan on achieving the same result this year.  Our Principal, and Associate Principal of Curriculum and Instruction, work with Early Childhood through Grade 8 teachers, diving deep into social development, student learning data, standards, curriculum, and assessments. In addition, students who struggle to meet their growth goals are supported within our student support model.

Our Spanish Language Instruction for Early Childhood through Grade 5 is a wonderful success. The focus on speaking, listening, writing, and comprehension assists our students in having developmentally appropriate experiences incorporating Spanish language skills into learning experiences. Our Grade 5 students entering their full-time Grade 6-8 Middle School Spanish Program will be better prepared for the challenges of rigorous high school World Language programs.  In addition, we are proud that we are moving toward becoming a campus where our students are able to speak more than one language.

Our Kindergarten through Grade 8 STEM Center opened in September of 2016. Project Lead The Way Curriculum powers student learning opportunities, including writing code, robotics, design and modeling, and 3-D printing.  Our STEM teacher also serves on a Project Lead The Way Regional Presentation Panel assisting area schools in understanding how they could begin programs. Our students also participate in Boston College’s Seismology Program, housed in our STEM Center.

Our Early Childhood and PreSchool Program continues to attract new families, as we have three classrooms in 2018-2019, with rolling enrollment. Our very popular hot lunch program will continue on a daily basis in our dining area.

Expanded student services benefit the social-emotional wellness of our students. This is a priority at St. Raphael. Our full time School Counselor works with whole classes, grade levels, and individual students and families on positive peer-relationships, as well as school-success strategies.  In addition, we network with local service providers, vetted through the Parish Community, to assist students and their families.

Students of all ages are able to participate in over 25 after school programs and sports.   St. Raphael students participate in co-ed cross country and spring track. Our 2018 Championship Quiz Bowl Team was regional champion and remains a popular choice among a wide variety of middle school students.  We are also well known for our prowess on the basketball court, as the Rays have won the New England CYO School Championship two of the last three years.

The Before and After School Child Care Program continues to support our families.  We offer a safe, structured program before school from 7:00-7:45 a.m., and after school until 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Families can purchase snacks during afternoon session.

We introduced new programs in 2018-2019. Our Art Program has a brand new classroom!  Students continue to experience a wide range of engaging, meaningful art experiences in an art-space. Our Early Childhood through Grade 5 Spanish also has a new classroom. Our Early Childhood and Preschool building expanded its interior activity space for movement activity during inclement weather. 8th Grade students have the opportunity to complete a full Algebra 1 Course. In-school Numeracy, a math literacy program, supports students in Grades 2 through 8.

Our Middle School is a High School Readiness Program. This includes:

  • Unifying Gospel Values
  • Literacy strategies across all content areas
  • Executive Functioning
  • Social and emotional wellness
  • A variety of specialist classes

I am proud to serve the St. Raphael Parish Community as Principal. Please take time to navigate our web page, click on the Admissions or About Us tabs to view our school profile, and click on Family Resources to see all that we have in place.  In order to find out more about the School Community, please call our Admissions Office at 781-483-3554 to speak with Admissions Director, Mrs. Gina McCart. Please make an appointment for a school-day tour to experience our exciting programs!

I hope to see you at St. Raphael soon.


Mark C. Bedrosian, M.Ed.


"The Dignity of All"

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